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Design Development Centre

For Customized Design: Design Development Centre 
Orosil Smiths India Limited  
We at ddc, aim towards excellence through our quality of designs with the constant efforts of renowned jewellery designers.
We work hand in hand with our clients to develop designs to suit their specific requirements.
ddc follows a structured design process with complete knowledge of manufacturing that provides highly innovative designs that are easily manufactured and technically sound. thus ddc says it all..We function as your extended Jeweller ; we innovate, so you get empowered. We create valued designs, so you profit from it.
We have a state of the art manufacturing unit where   both handcrafted as well as investment casting   facilities   are available at good price points and   international   quality standards.
Handcrafted jewellery - our skilled craftsmen are       adept with both, traditional Indian as well as western   techniques of manufacturing. While maintaining the   quality we also take special care to ensure always the accurate karratage of the metal used and follow procedures which result in good quality products.
Investment casting facilities - We have highly specialized investment casting machinery imported from Germany, which is used for all our clients work.
We provide our clients with precise silver masters and rubber moulds for casting purposes and also carry out investment casting and finishing of the casted pieces according to our clients requirements.
Our team follows the international trends in other arenas of design other than jewellery as well, and uses this information to create different products every season.
They also work very closely with the manufacturing experts and make sure that designs are realized into final products with complete accuracy and international quality standards.
We offer individually customised services for special occasions like marriages, social functions etc. Here we work closely with our client understanding his/ her style and design needs in order to fulfill their specific requirements.We also offer manufacturing facilities if required by the client.In this case we produced the piece with high level of accuracy and precision from the design to the final product.
Today, jewellery industry requires complete solution to jewellery designs and design related activities,
ddc (design development centre) offers the opportunity to Clients to outsource their day-to-day design & design related requirements, therefore providing with the much needed design solutions, required in today's competitive markets.

ddc innovates, so you get empowered.ddc creates valued designs, so you Benefits from it. ddc is just a phone call away to fulfill all your design & manufacturing requirements.Our proven designs, processes and methodologies ensure that When you partner with us, you are ahead.


On special request we also offer technical specifications which facilitate the manufacturing process. Along with this we also offer orthographic drawings if required by the client.

The final concepts were represented in the form of 3 Dimensional renderings. These show a realistic picture of the product and facilitates in visualising the range.








We developed a range of concepts within the parameters set by our client, exploring all possibilities of forms, shape and styles.
From these concepts we gave the client an opportunity to choose the most interesting ones, to form the final range of products. 




1. We can give you technical details to manufacture the product accurately.
2. These details would include the stone wt, the metal wt, the techniques used and the linking details.
3. We can also give you a detailed technical drawing depicting different views of the product in order to understand the dimension of the product better.

Given below is an example of the technical specifications we provide.




We can provide you with 3-D illustrations and realistic renderings of the design developed for you, by us. 



We can develop a range of jewellery for you according to the design brief given by you.
The jewellery can be developed in any material like silver, gold, platinum in combination with diamonds, precious and semi precious stones.